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(English version of “El Filibusterismo”)

At last a traveler arrived from Manila and reported that all the prisoners had been set free, all except Basilio, who had no protector.  It was reported in Manila, added the traveler, that the young man would be deported to the Carolines, having been forced to sign a petition beforehand, in which he declared that he asked it voluntarily. [3]  The traveler had seen the very steamer that was going to take him away.

This report put an end to all the girl’s hesitation. Besides, her mind was already quite weak from so many nights of watching and horrible dreams.  Pale and with unsteady eyes, she sought out Sister Bali and, in a voice that was cause for alarm, told her that she was ready, asking her to accompany her.  Sister Bali thereupon rejoiced and tried to soothe her, but Juli paid no attention to her, apparently intent only upon hurrying to the convento.  She had decked herself out in her finest clothes, and even pretended to be quite gay, talking a great deal, although in a rather incoherent way.

So they set out. Juli went ahead, becoming impatient that her companion lagged behind.  But as they neared the town, her nervous energy began gradually to abate, she fell silent and wavered in her resolution, lessened her pace and soon dropped behind, so that Sister Bali had to encourage her.

We’ll get there late, she remonstrated.

Juli now followed, pale, with downcast eyes, which she was afraid to raise.  She felt that the whole world was staring at her and pointing its finger at her.  A vile name whistled in her ears, but still she disregarded it and continued on her way.  Nevertheless, when they came in sight of the convento, she stopped and began to tremble.

Let’s go home, let’s go home, she begged, holding her companion back.

Sister Bali had to take her by the arm and half drag her along, reassuring her and telling her about the books of the friars.  She would not desert her, so there was nothing to fear.  Padre Camorra had other things in mind—Juli was only a poor country girl.

But upon arriving at the door of the convento, Juli firmly refused to go in, catching hold of the wall.

No, no, she pleaded in terror.  No, no, no! Have pity!  

But what a fool—

[3] This practise—secretly compelling suspects to sign a request to be transferred to some other island—was by no means a figment of the author’s imagination, but was extensively practised to anticipate any legal difficulties that might arise.—Tr.

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