Seasons of the Year

(Basic Level Learn Filipino “Tagalog”)

There are only two seasons in the Philippines, the wet (southwest monsoon) and the dry (northeast monsoon).  The wet season runs from May to October and the dry from November to April.  November to January are the coolest months, with daytime temperatures of around 28°C, while March, April and May are very hot with temperatures to peak at 35°C.

wet season / rainy season
dry season
in spring
sa tagsibol
in summer
sa tag-init
in autumn
sa taglagas
in winter
sa taglamig
There are only two seasons in the Philippines : the wet and dry seasons.
Mayroon lamang dalawang panahon sa Pilipinas : ang tag-ulan at tag-araw.
My favorite season is the dry season.
Ang paborito kong panahon ay ang tag-araw.

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