Section 1:

General Provisions

(The Family Code of the Philippines)

Article 88

The absolute community of property between spouses shall commence at the precise moment that the marriage is celebrated.  Any stipulation, express or implied, for the commencement of the community regime at any other time shall be void.  (145a)

Article 89

No waiver of rights, shares and effects of the absolute community of property during the marriage can be made except in case of judicial separation of property.

When the waiver takes place upon a judicial separation of property, or after the marriage has been dissolved or annulled, the same shall appear in a public instrument and shall be recorded as provided in

Article 77

The creditors of the spouse who made such waiver may petition the court to rescind the waiver to the extent of the amount sufficient to cover the amount of their credits.  (146a)

Article 90

The provisions on co-ownership shall apply to the absolute community of property between the spouses in all matters not provided for in this Chapter.  (n)

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