Chapter 1:

The Family as an Institution

(The Family Code of the Philippines)

Article 149

The family, being the foundation of the nation, is a basic social institution which public policy cherishes and protects.  Consequently, family relations are governed by law and no custom, practice or agreement destructive of the family shall be recognized or given effect.  (216a, 218a)

Article 50

Family relations include those:

  1. Between husband and wife;
  2. Between parents and children;
  3. Among brothers and sisters, whether of the full or half-blood.  (217a)
Article 151

No suit between members of the same family shall prosper unless it should appear from the verified complaint or petition that earnest efforts toward a compromise have been made, but that the same have failed.  If it is shown that no such efforts were in fact made, the same case must be dismissed.

This rules shall not apply to cases which may not be the subject of compromise under the Civil Code.  (222a)

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