The Last Appeal of the Philippines - Page 2 of 2

by Andres Bonifacio

(English version of “Katapusang Hibik Ng Pilipinas”)

The Philippines has not received any legacy
of comfort from the Mother, nothing but sufferings;
our suffering continues, patents abound,
new charges and imposts are made.

Various ways of cheating us are devised
at the same time compelling us to give in,
we pay for illumination,
although we do not see even one light.

The land and the house we live in,
the field and farm so wide,
and so also the trees and plants --
to the Spanish priest we pay taxes.

Aside from this, the rest
need not be recited, O Mother Spain,
we follow all this to the last breath,
still, the Filipinos are considered bad.

You, O negligent and malevolent Mother,
we are no longer yours whatever happens,
prepare, then, Mother, the grave
where many dead bodies will find rest.

In the world today will explode
guns and cannons like lightning,
the terrible storm of blood that will flow
from their bullets in the struggle.

It is no longer necessary that Spain be pitied
by the Filipinos, O traitorous Mother,
it is our glory to die,
it is your glory if you defeat us.

The Philippines bids you farewell, Mother,
Mother, farewell, this one who is suffering,
farewell, farewell, pitiless Mother,
farewell now, the last appeal.

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ahas sa damó