The Characters

(The Summary of “Noli Me Tangere”)

Crisóstomo Ibarra
Also known in his full name as Juan Crisóstomo Ibarra y Magsalin, a Filipino who studied in Europe for 7 years, the love interest of Maria Clara.  Son of the deceased Don Rafael Ibarra; Crisostomo changed his surname from Eibarramendia to Ibarra, from his ancestor's surname.
Ibarra's mysterious friend, a master boater, also a fugitive.  He was referred to at one point as the pilot.  He wants to revolutionize his country.  Ibarra's grandfather condemned his grandfather of burning a warehouse, making Elias the fugitive he is.
María Clara
María Clara de los Santos, Ibarra's sweetheart; the illegitimate daughter of Father Dámaso and Pía Alba.
Father Dámaso
Also known in his full name as Dámaso Verdolagas, Franciscan friar and María Clara's biological father.
Don Filipo
A close relative of Ibarra, and a Filibuster.
A distant nephew of Don Tiburcio de Espadana, the would-be fiance of Maria Clara.
Captain General (no specific name)
The most powerful official in the Philippines, a hater of secular priests and corrupt officials, and a friend of Ibarra.
Captain Pablo
The Leader of the rebels, whose family was destroyed because of the Spanish.
Tarcilo and Bruno
Brothers, whose father was killed by the Spaniards.
The mother of Basilio and Crispín, who went insane after losing her sons.
The elder son of Sisa.
The younger son of Sisa who died from the punishment from the soldiers from the false accusation of stealing an amount of money.
Padre Sibyla
Hernando de la Sibyla, a Filipino friar.  He is described as short and has fair skin.
Kaptain Tiago
Also known in his fullname as Don Santiago de los Santos the known father of María Clara but not the real one; lives in Binondo.
Padri Salví
Also known in his full name as Bernardo Salví, a secret admirer of María Clara.
Pilosopo Tasyo
Also known as Don Anastasio, portrayed in the novel as a pessimist, cynic, and mad by his neighbors.

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