Chapter 9:

Local Affairs

(The Summary of “Noli Me Tangere”)

This chapter features the three conversations between Padre Damaso and Capitan Tiago, between Padre Sibyla and an unmanned priest, and between the the Governor-General and his men.  Angry at not being informed of the arranged marriage between Crisostomo and Maria Clara, Padre Damaso now wants to stop the marriage planned for the lovers.  Capitan Tiago obeys the priest, and extinguishes the candles that were lit for Ibarra’s journey to San Diego.  Padre Sibyla and an unnamed priest discuss the dangerous implication to the country of Crisostomo Ibarra’s foreign education.  The Governor-General reveals to his men that he is unhappy with the situation in the Philippines but that he is helpless in changing the conditions of the country.

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