Minor Networks in the PhilippinesMinor Networks in the Philippines

Q Television Network (TV-11 Manila)
A television network owned by GMA Network, Inc.  Q's programming lineup features popular American dramas, and other lifestyle programming.
Southern Broadcasting Network, Inc. (SBN TV-21 Manila)
A Philippine television network, with main broadcast facilities at Summit One Bldg, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. It's TV station (DWCP-TV 21) became the first local UHF TV station in Metro Manila in May, 1992.
Studio23 (TV-23 Manila)
Studio 23 is a Filipino television network owned by the AMCARA Broadcasting Network. The network is named for its flagship station in Metro Manila, DWAC-TV, which is carried on UHF channel 23. The network is a sister network to the main ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation, airing programming aimed towards young adults, such as North American imports and other English language programming, and original Filipino programming aimed at the demographic as well, such as supplemental programming for ABS-CBN programs.
Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (TV-25 Manila)
A Philippine television and radio network. Its studios are located in Maligaya Bldg. II, EDSA, Quezon City.
Rajah Broadcasting Network, Inc. (TV-29 Manila)
A Philippine television and radio network owned by guitarist-singer-businessman Ramon "RJ" Jacinto through RJ Holdings, Inc. The network's studio headquarters located at Makati City.
Progressive Broadcasting Corporation (TV-37 Manila)
A Philippine radio and television network, with main broadcast facilities in Metro Manila.  Its main station is UNTV Channel 37 in Metro Manila. It also operates a radio station, NU 107, in Metro Manila.
Central Luzon Television (TV-36 : San Fernando, Pampanga)
A regional free TV owned and operated by Radio World Broadcasting Corporation in the Philippines and was launched in 2007. Its transmitter and studios are located in the City of San Fernando, Pampanga. As one of the youngest terrestrial television stations in the Philippines.
ConAmor Broadcasting Systems (TV-6 Batangas, TV-8 Lucena, TV-5 Puerto Princesa)
A TV and radio network in the Philippines. This stations studios are located at Barangay Ibabang Dupay, Lucena City.

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