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A fusion of Western and Eastern cuisines has inspired Filipino food tastes and practices. These are recipes derived on a basically Malay-Indonesian-Polynesian cookery seasoned with Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Spanish and American cooking influences.

Every region of the Philippines’ 7,107 islands has a distinct way of cooking a particular kind of recipe.  Like the famous adobo that can be prepared with or without soy sauce, adding or omitting coconut cream, served dry or with sauce. Most common ways of Filipino cooking are grilling, braising, deep-frying, broiling and simmering, and cooking with vinegar.

Four important reminders to ensure success on a first attempt with a recipe are: carefully read recipe from start to finish; assemble required ingredients and utensils before cooking; follow instructions; and taste food often and adjust spices and seasonings to your own liking. Have a happy cooking!

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