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Luksong Baka

Kids love to play this as they take turns singing and jumping over each other's backs.


A joyous time for children to role play as Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, and even as a cherished pet.


Just like hopscotch in other countries, children take turns tossing tokens in outlined boxes drawn on the ground then after they hop and skip to retrieve the token.

Palo Sebo

Often played during fiestas, the object of the game is to attain the prize atop a greased bamboo pole. Children, big and small, awkwardly climb the tall pole to the amusement of the crowd.

Bangkang Papel

It is not a surprise to see children of this archipelago fashion out boats from paper and leaves to race along rivers, streams, and even in gutters alongside the streets.

Tumbang Preso

An exciting game where children try to knock down a tin can with their slippers while guarded by an "IT" or "Taya". The tin can must remain standing for the IT to be able to catch his playmates.


A token made out of a washer and plastic straw is kicked into the air using any part of the body except the hands. Children proudly show their skills by kicking the token numerous times into the air.


Hide and Seek is a favourite game played by Filipino children. A simple yet fun game as children hide from an "IT" or "Taya".


Filipino boys love spinning their tops trying to shove others out of the circle.


Just like "Tag", this game is played with a variation where at the end of a song, children must either clamber up an object (langit) or be on the ground (lupa). Children not at the designated 'languid' or 'pupa' is open to becoming "IT" or "Taya".


Another variation of Tag played within an outline drawn on the ground. One team tries to cross predawn lines while the other team tries to tag them.

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