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9th Philippine flag"Gregorio del Pilar's Flag"

One of the youngest generals in Aguinaldo's army was Gregorio del Pilar. They called him The Boy General. General del Pilar, too, had a flag. He patterned it after the flag of Cuba, a Spanish colony that also revolted against Spain. His was the first among the Katipunero flags to use red, blue, and black.

General del Pilar bravely defended Aguinaldo's retreating army in the Battle of Tirad Pass in Ilocos Sur. His flag was flown in that battle. On December 2, 1899, del Pilar died defending the pass. He was 24 years old.

Emilio Aguinaldo was elected president of the First Philippine Republic at the Malolos Congress on Januray 23, 1899.

Meanwhile Spain was defeated in the Spanish-American War. Under the terms of the Treaty of Paris, the Philippines became the first and only colony of the United States.

The revolution continued. This time Filipino rebels fought against the Americans. On March 23, 1901, the Americans captured Aguinaldo and his fugitive army in Palanan, Isabela. The Philippine Revolution was over.

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