The Turtle and the Lizard


(Folktale / Kuwentong-bayan)

A turtle and a big lizard went to the field of Gotgotapa to steal ginger.  When they got there the turtle told the lizard he must be very still, but when the lizard tasted the ginger, he exclaimed, The ginger of Gotgotapa is very good.  Be still, said the turtle, but again the lizard shouted louder than before.  Then the man heard and came out of his house to catch the robbers.  The turtle could not run fast, so he lay very still, and the man did not see him; but the lizard ran and the man chased him.  When they were very far, the turtle went into the house.  Now, the man had a coconut shell which he used to sit on, and the turtle hid under it.

The man could not catch the lizard, so in a while he came back to his house and sat on the shell.  By and by, the turtle called Kook.  Then the man jumped up and looked all around to find where the noise came from, but he could not find it.  The turtle called Kook again and the man tried very hard to find what made the noise.  The turtle called a third time more loudly and then the man thought it was his testicles which made the noise, so he took a stone and hit them; then he died and the turtle ran away.

When the turtle got a long way, he met the lizard and they saw some honey on the branch of a tree.  I run first to get, said the turtle; but the big lizard ran fast and seized the honey; then the bees stung him and he ran back to the turtle.  On the road they saw a bird snare.  The turtle said, That is the paliget of my grandfather.  Then the lizard ran very fast to get it, but it caught his neck and held him until the man who owned it came and killed him.  Then the turtle went away.  

Learn this Filipino word:

guhit ng palad