The Monkey and the Crocodile

(Folktale / Kuwentong-bayan)

One day a female crocodile told her husband that she could not eat any kind of food except the lungs of a monkey.  The husband replied that he would bring her the desired food.

The next morning, he started hunting for a monkey.  Finally, he found one on top of a guava tree.  The crocodile said, Oh my dear monkey, why are you eating the leaves of the guava tree?  There are plenty of delicious fruits near my bathing place.

Is that so? asked the monkey.

Yes, replied the crocodile, Just go with me, ride on my back and I will take you there.

The monkey gratefully agreed, and right away stepped on the back of the crocodile.  When they were in the middle of the river the crocodile said, Mr. Monkey, now that I have caught you, I must take your lungs for my beloved wife's food.

My lungs!... the monkey exclaimed in mock surprise.  I have left them on the guava tree yonder.  If you need them let us go back and get them.  The crocodile immediately brought the monkey back to the shore, and upon reaching the land, the monkey hastily climbed up the guava tree and cried out to the crocodile: Oh, foolish crocodile! Have you ever seen an animal leaving his lungs in any place besides his body?  The crocodile was very much disappointed, so he decided to think of another plan of capturing his prey.

The next day, the crocodile went to the bathing place of the monkey.  When the monkey took a bath the crocodile caught one of his legs.  Do not bite my cane, my friend crocodile.  This is the only cane I have.  Please let it loose.  The crocodile released the monkey's leg, believing that it was not his leg but his cane.  Again the monkey escaped from death and was happy.  The crocodile's plan to bring lungs to his wife was a failure.

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