The Wild Cat, the Deer and the Bird

(Animal Fable)

There lived in Pesia many years ago a man named Pocoy.  One day, Pocoy wandered through the forest.  While he was walking, he saw a wild cat.  Pocoy followed the cat.  This wildcat climbed the tree and the man watched the cat.  When the cat reached the top of the tree, it found a nest with some eggs in it.

Bird, do not fly away from your nest, for the deer at the foot of the tree is watching you, said the cat.  If you leave your nest, the deer will shake the tree and the eggs will fall down.

Thank you for your warning to me, replied the bird.

Then the cat went down and said to the deer, Deer, do not leave your fawns because if you leave them, the birds will catch your fawns and use them as their food.

Is that true? asked the deer.

Yes, it is true, answered the cat.

As the result of this, the deer and the bird died and were eaten by the wildcat.

Lesson: Hypocrite pretends friendship.

Learn this Filipino word:

alóg na ang babà