The Frog Who Wished to be as Big as an Ox

(Animal Fable)

An ox grazing in the field happened to set foot on a young frog.  The frog was crushed to death.  His brothers and sisters who were playing nearby ran at once to tell their mother what had happened.

The monster who did it was very big, they said.

The mother who was a vain old thing thought that she could easily make herself as big as the monster.

Was it as big as this? she asked, blowing herself up puffing with all her might.

No mother, they said.  The monster is very much bigger.

Again, the vain old frog huffed and puffed to make herself even bigger.

Now, I'm as big as that monster, I'm sure, she said.

No, mother, the little frogs said, Even if you try some more, you will only burst before you become as big.

But the silly old frog, huffing and puffing, tried some more and finally she burst indeed.

Lesson: Do not boast, it can lead you to trouble and humiliation.

See also the Tagalog version (Ang Palaka at ang Kalabaw) of this Philippine fable.

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