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(of the Suban-on tribe of Northwestern Mindanao)

Back in Sirangan, a datu named Tomitib Manaon, son of Sakabandar, who was born at the same time as Taake, dreamed that he saw a Suban-on fighting alone in the Keboklagan kindom. He prepared to set off in order to help him. He went to see if Taake was at home but the sons of Balo Laki and Bata Tobig informed him that they had not been home for sometime. He proceeded to Keboklagan while the other two datus followed. Immediately, Tomitib rushed to the place where Taake was fighting and there charged at Sorotan Domatong until the latter fell.

Taake saw Tomitib and stopped him. He confronted the latter and asked him why he had fought at once without first inquiring about the cause of the fight.

Later, when the girls of Keboklagan saw Saulagya Maola, a datu of the place, they explained to him the cause of the whole trouble. Maola remembered a promise he had made to his sister, the lady of Pintawan, that anyone who could go up the ladder of "karis" (with knife-blades for rungs) be it a dog or a pig, should marry the girl.

He then called all his datus to a conference and told them about the promise. Nevertheless, the datus insisted on fighting. So, Saulagya partitioned Keboklagan into two parts: one-half deciding to fight, the other half belonging to him agreeing not to participate in the fight.

When the datu of Liyo-Liyo heard of the fight, he rode on his horse and went to the battleground. As the fight went on, Saulagya Maola kept on bearing the drum, the gongs and the kolintangs. The people fought hard while the datu of Liyo-Liyo and Tomitib Manaon were engaged in hand-to-hand combat. They continued fighting until all the people died. The Sirangan datus then proceeded to other kingdoms to fight further.

Part 5. They first went to the kingdom of Dibaloy. They challenged its chief, Datu Bataqelo, to a fight. Lilang Diwata, sister of Bataqelo, gave Taake a name. He called him Malopanyag, meaning, "he fights in all places." In this kingdom, Taake and Tomitib led the fight until half of the people had died. Then they felt pity for the place so they proceeded to another kingdom. They passed by the kingdom of Pimarisan because the people of that kingdom were their kin. They went to the kingdom of Todongtodong. Here, they were invited first to a mamaq session before they started the fight. They fought hard until all in the kingdom became lifeless.

Then the conquering datus convened and agreed to move on the kingdom of Walo Sabang ruled by Egdodan Magsorat and Egdodan Sabagan. The eight datus refused to fight and instead they let only their subjects fight. The subjects fought hard, but their datus just looked on. The Sirangan datus were surprised to see that the men who were killed became alive again. After seven months of fighting, Taake got tired and fell asleep on the battleground. Tomitib fought alone. Just then Taake dreamed of a pretty girl telling him to go to the tower of Walo Sabang in the guise of Towan Salip Palasti to get their powerful medicines and amulets. He followed the instructions in detail. When he came back, armed with the medicines, the people whom they had felled did not return to life anymore and those cut to pieces died.

Conclusion. The god Asog this time looked down and saw that the other world, the world of sinners, was very quiet for there was no life and no fire burning. He went down to earth and told Malopanyag to stop fighting and to return to Sirangan. Asog urged him to hold a buklog upon arriving home, where each of them would be given his partner in life. Asog fanned the kingdom with his kerchief and all those who had died lived again.

The datus then conferred and ageed finally to go home. Upon their arrival at Sirangan, they saw that Taake's mother was dying because of her pain in waiting, longing for her son. When Taake kissed his mother and told he was her son, she was revived. The whole kingdom of Sirangan came to life, trees stirred, birds sang, and everything grew more alive.

They then prepared for the buklog. All the datus of the different kingdoms were invited and there they were given partners in life by their god Asog.

The folk epic "Ag Tobig nog Keboklagan" (The Kingdom of Keboklagan) was collected among the Suban-on who live on the western slopes of the mountain range that runs like a backbone and divides the Zamboanga Peninsula, above Sindangan Bay.

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