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(Ga’dang Epic)

A few years passed, Lumalindaw became restless again, for he wanted to look for a lady. His ayoding advised him to go to the underworld in Nadaguingan where a beautiful lady named Caligayan lived. Lumalindaw had a hard time reaching the place because some dwarfs were misleading him, but with the help of his pet birds and monkey, he finally reached Nadaguingan. There he met the tiniest but most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He had to kneel to be able to talk to her. Caligayan told him to lie down so she could listen to his heartbeat. If his intention was noble he could see light again; if it was evil, he shall live in darkness forever. When Lumalindaw lay down he was surprised to see Caligayan become big with her feet on the same level as his. They stood up and Caligayan was as tall as Lumalindaw. She said that an old woman had cast a spell on her and the spell could only be broken if anybody should love her. Now the spell was broken and Lumalindaw brought Caligayan home with him to Nabbobawan. After nine months, Caligayan gave birth to a boy whom she named Yadan and whom she brought to Nadaguingan to show to her loved ones, the dwarfs.

One day, as Lumalindaw was coming down the mountain, hundreds of enemies attacked him and threw him into the river to drown him. Lumalindaw however, was found by a lady taking a bath. She was Guimbangun of Iculengan. She cured his wounds and took care of him until he got well. Out of gratitude to her, he married Guimbangun. Lumalindaw brought Guimbangun home with him to Nabbobawan and they were met with feasting and dancing.

After nine months, Guimbangun gave birth to a boy they named Yadan. She brought him to Iculengan to show to her parents.

Years passed, Lumalindaw longed to see his children who were now fully grown. His children, likewise wanted to see their father. They all set out to search for their father – the five sons, all named Yadan. They met at the crossroads near Nabbobawan.

They rested under a shed by the road. They introduced themselves to each other and found out that they all had same name and the same father. Each one boasted about his father until finally they started quarreling. Lumalindaw arrived just in time to stop their fight with his loud voice. When he learned the cause of the fight, he told them that he was the father they were looking for and that they were all brothers. Embracing all five, he and his sons proceeded to Icawayan. Menalam was surprised and happy to see her husband. Lumalindaw sent his sons to fetch their mothers and sent Yadan of Menalam to fetch their grandmother, Caricagwat, Lumalindaw's mother. There was a happy reunion and story telling by their grandmother about the past childhood of their father and their own childhood. The two girls Busilelaw and Imugan met on the way looking for the same father. Lumalindaw was happy to see his charming daughters and when the wives met they were all happy to see each other. Menalam surprised them all with her magic pot which was so small and yet it needed only one grain to feed everybody.

A rainbow appeared in the sky summoning Lumalindaw. They all left for Manimbawan where there was a waterfall and a pot of gold and where the "Voice" of the Nanolay could be heard. Lumalindaw gave advice to his children and reminded them to take care of their parents and of his friends, the monkey and the birds. He embraced them goodbye and he entered the cave behind the waterfall and was seen no more.

All were sad to be left by their father. The monkey went back and saw the magic bolo in front of the cave. He got the bolo and gave it to Yadan, the son of Menalam, who became the next one to use the bolo of Lumalindaw.

The folk epic "Lumalindaw" was collected from the highland Ga’dang of Banahaw, Municipality of Paracelis, Mountain Province. A relatively short epic with 1,018 lines.

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