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A Cochero’s Christmas Eve

(English version of “El Filibusterismo”)

The same old story, exclaimed Basilio, in a bad humor.  You always receive me with the same complaints.  The youth was not overbearing, but as he was at times scolded by Capitan Tiago, he liked in his turn to chide those under his orders.  

The old man cast about for something new.  One of our tenants has died, the old fellow who took care of the woods, and the curate refused to bury him as a pauper, saying that his master is a rich man.

What did he die of?

Of old age.

Get out! To die of old age! It must at least have been some disease.  Basilio in his zeal for making autopsies wanted diseases.

Haven’t you anything new to tell me? You take away my appetite relating the same old things.  Do you know anything of Sagpang?

The old man then told him about the kidnapping of Cabesang Tales.  Basilio became thoughtful and said nothing more—his appetite had completely left him.  

Learn this Filipino word:

nagbalík ang hangin