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Cabesang Tales

(English version of “El Filibusterismo”)

This thought consoled her a little and brought on empty dreams.  Who knows but that a miracle might happen? She might find the two hundred and fifty pesos under the image of the Virgin—she had read of many similar miracles.  The sun might not rise nor morning come, and meanwhile the suit would be won.  Her father might return, or Basilio put in his appearance, she might find a bag of gold in the garden, the tulisanes would send the bag of gold, the curate, Padre Camorra, who was always teasing her, would come with the tulisanes.  So her ideas became more and more confused, until at length, worn out by fatigue and sorrow, she went to sleep with dreams of her childhood in the depths of the forest: she was bathing in the torrent along with her two brothers, there were little fishes of all colors that let themselves be caught like fools, and she became impatient because she found no pleasure in catching such foolish little fishes! Basilio was under the water, but Basilio for some reason had the face of her brother Tano.  Her new mistress was watching them from the bank.  

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bukás na aklat