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The Mystery

(English version of “El Filibusterismo”)

Momoy hesitated, but the face Sensia put on banished his fear.  Last night, while we were eating, there was a disturbance, the light in the General’s dining-room went out.  They say that some unknown person stole the lamp that was presented by Simoun.

A thief? One of the Black Hand?

Isagani arose to walk back and forth.

Didn’t they catch him?

He jumped into the river before anybody recognized him.  Some say he was a Spaniard, some a Chinaman, and others an Indian.

It’s believed that with the lamp, added Chichoy, he was going to set fire to the house, then the powder—

Momoy again shuddered but noticing that Sensia was watching him tried to control himself.  What a pity! he exclaimed with an effort.  How wickedly the thief acted.  Everybody would have been killed.

Sensia stared at him in fright, the women crossed themselves, while Capitan Toringoy, who was afraid of politics, made a move to go away.

Momoy turned to Isagani, who observed with an enigmatic smile: It’s always wicked to take what doesn’t belong to you.  If that thief had known what it was all about and had been able to reflect, surely he wouldn’t have done as he did.

Then, after a pause, he added, For nothing in the world would I want to be in his place!

So they continued their comments and conjectures until an hour later, when Isagani bade the family farewell, to return forever to his uncle’s side.  

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magdádalá ng bigát