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(English version of “El Filibusterismo”)

The guards looked at each other. Wait here, one of them said to him.  Wait till the corporal comes down.

Basilio bit his lips and Simoun’s words again recurred to him. Had they come to arrest Makaraig?—was his thought, but he dared not give it utterance.  He did not have to wait long, for in a few moments Makaraig came down, talking pleasantly with the corporal.  The two were preceded by a warrant officer.

What, you too, Basilio? he asked.

I came to see you—

Noble conduct! exclaimed Makaraig laughing.  In time of calm, you avoid us.

The corporal asked Basilio his name, then scanned a list.  Medical student, Calle Anloague? he asked.

Basilio bit his lip.

You’ve saved us a trip, added the corporal, placing his hand on the youth’s shoulder.  You’re under arrest!

What, I also?

Makaraig burst out into laughter.

Don’t worry, friend.  Let’s get into the carriage, while I tell you about the supper last night.

With a graceful gesture, as though he were in his own house, he invited the warrant officer and the corporal to enter the carriage that waited at the door.

To the Civil Government! he ordered the cochero.

Now that Basilio had again regained his composure, he told Makaraig the object of his visit.  The rich student did not wait for him to finish, but seized his hand.  Count on me, count on me, and to the festivities celebrating our graduation we’ll invite these gentlemen, he said, indicating the corporal and the warrant officer.  

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