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Smiles and Tears

(English version of “El Filibusterismo”)

What, does the prudent Basilio possess secrets?

I should say so! replied Tadeo. Of the most important kind.  There are some enigmas to which he alone has the key: the boy who disappeared, the nun—

Gentlemen, the pansit lang-lang is the soup par excellence! cried Makaraig.  As you will observe, Sandoval, it is composed of vermicelli, crabs or shrimps, egg paste, scraps of chicken, and I don’t know what else.  As first-fruits, let us offer the bones to Don Custodio, to see if he will project something with them.

A burst of merry laughter greeted this sally.

If he should learn—

He’d come a-running! concluded Sandoval.  This is excellent soup—what is it called?

Pansit lang-lang, that is, Chinese pansit, to distinguish it from that which is peculiar to this country.

Bah! That’s a hard name to remember.  In honor of Don Custodio, I christen it the soup project!

Gentlemen, said Makaraig, who had prepared the menu, there are three courses yet.  Chinese stew made of pork—

Which should be dedicated to Padre Irene.

Get out! Padre Irene doesn’t eat pork, unless he turns his nose away, whispered a young man from Iloilo to his neighbor.

Let him turn his nose away!

Down with Padre Irene’s nose, cried several at once.

Respect, gentlemen, more respect! demanded Pecson with comic gravity.

The third course is a lobster pie—

Which should be dedicated to the friars, suggested he of the Visayas.

For the lobsters’ sake, added Sandoval.

Learn this Filipino word:

mag-unat ng sahíg