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The Performance

(English version of “El Filibusterismo”)

This peroration was cut short by the return of Makaraig with a despondent air and a bitter smile on his lips, carrying in his hand a note, which he offered silently to Sandoval, who read:

MY DOVE: Your letter has reached me late, for I have already handed in my decision, and it has been approved.  However, as if I had guessed your wish, I have decided the matter according to the desires of your protégés.  I’ll be at the theater and wait for you after the performance.

Your duckling,


How tender the man is! exclaimed Tadeo with emotion.

Well? said Sandoval.  I don’t see anything wrong about this—quite the reverse!

Yes, rejoined Makaraig with his bitter smile, decided favorably! I’ve just seen Padre Irene.

What does Padre Irene say? inquired Pecson.

The same as Don Custodio, and the rascal still had the audacity to congratulate me.  The Commission, which has taken as its own the decision of the arbiter, approves the idea and felicitates the students on their patriotism and their thirst for knowledge—


Only that, considering our duties—in short, it says that in order that the idea may not be lost, it concludes that the direction and execution of the plan should be placed in charge of one of the religious corporations, in case the Dominicans do not wish to incorporate the academy with the University.

Exclamations of disappointment greeted the announcement. Isagani rose, but said nothing.

And in order that we may participate in the management of the academy, Makaraig went on, we are intrusted with the collection of contributions and dues, with the obligation of turning them over to the treasurer whom the corporation may designate, which treasurer will issue us receipts.

Then we’re tax-collectors! remarked Tadeo.

Sandoval, said Pecson, there’s the gauntlet—take it up!

Huh! That’s not a gauntlet—from its odor it seems more like a sock.

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labí ng aso