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Los Baños

(English version of “El Filibusterismo”)

His Excellency arose and so ended the discussion.  Well, gentlemen, he said, we’ve worked like niggers and yet we’re on a vacation.  Some one has said that grave matters should he considered at dessert. I’m entirely of that opinion.

We might get indigestion, remarked the secretary, alluding to the heat of the discussion.

Then we’ll lay it aside until tomorrow.

As they rose the high official whispered to the General, Your Excellency, the daughter of Cabesang Tales has been here again begging for the release of her sick grandfather, who was arrested in place of her father.

His Excellency looked at him with an expression of impatience and rubbed his hand across his broad forehead.  Carambas! Can’t one be left to eat his breakfast in peace?

This is the third day she has come.  She’s a poor girl—

Oh, the devil! exclaimed Padre Camorra.  I’ve just thought of it.  I have something to say to the General about that—that’s what I came over for—to support that girl’s petition.

The General scratched the back of his ear and said, Oh, go along! Have the secretary make out an order to the lieutenant of the Civil Guard for the old man’s release.  They sha’n’t say that we’re not clement and merciful.

He looked at Ben-Zayb.  The journalist winked.  


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háharáp sa dambanà