KapitBisig.com logo

The word Kapit-bisig is a Filipino term which means to hold together as one for the main purpose of achieving a common goal.

The logo symbolizes kapit-bisig and bayanihan, a unique Philippine tradition. It resembles the common custom in Philippine barrios during the olden times (when materials for building houses called nipa hut were made of light items like bamboo and sawali), and the community members volunteer to help a family move their nipa hut. This is done by literally carrying the house to its new location.

Tagalog version of Epics “Mga Epiko”

Ang Epiko ay tulang pasalaysay na nagsasaad ng kabayanihan ng pangunahing tauhan na nagtataglay ng katangiang nakahihigit sa karaniwang tao na kadalasan siya’y buhat sa lipi ng mga diyos o diyosa.  Ang paksa ng mga epiko ay mga kabayanihan ng pangunahing tauhan sa kanyang paglalakbay at pakikidigma.

Foreign Embassies in the Philippines

This section contains a complete and official listing of the foreign embassies in the Philippines compiled by the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs.  It shows alphabetically all countries with accredited representatives, and it gives the address, telephone and/or fax numbers, and official website of each post.